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Innovative Lighting & Lighting Controls from Design to Distribution

UR-EKA Lighting and Controls Ltd is based in the North West, operating throughout the UK and is one of the countries leading independent lighting and lighting controls specialists. With over 30 years’ experience in lighting design, procurement and supply, we have a passion for delivering lighting schemes that inspire. From Design to Distribution, all our efforts are fully focused on our clients’ needs and we make sure that our promises are fulfilled.

Whatever your project aspirations, our team of experienced Lighting and Lighting Controls specialists are committed to interpreting your requirements to ensure that deadlines are met. Whilst using a holistic approach to planning and design we achieve our client’s aesthetic

goals as well as energy efficiency targets.  This can only be achieved by combining world class lighting products with cutting edge lighting controls technology and with a touch of common sense.

We understand that both lighting and controls play an equal part in producing the ideal design, therefore we can develop a scheme to provide an environment which promotes safety and wellbeing, whilst never taking our eye off the optimum controls solution. We aim to give the inhabitant control and comfort that best suits their environment Ultimately this approach to design will create a more productive work place. With the support of our trusted U.K. and European supply partners we can deliver a full turnkey “One Stop” solution, to provide you with all the project elements you need.

At UR-EKA, we strive to deliver all projects, without compromise.

Meet Our Team

Stephen Cunliffe

Managing Director

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Darren Cunliffe


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Colin Shockledge


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Elle Wilkinson

Marketing Manager

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